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Thursday, February 16, 2017

GIVEAWAY / Briggs & Little Country Roving

{ Briggs & Little Country Roving / Hunter Green, Mustard, Magenta }

I'm finding it impossible to work on the West Coast Cardigan without thinking ahead to my next one! There are so many great variations being knit in our knitalong group! The original pattern looks so different with a dark background and light contrast, or with a natural grey and bright motifs, one KALer is using a gradient contrasting colour, it's incredible!

And using the blank charts opens the floodgates to endless possibilities! Once I finish knitting my Thunderbird WCC, I have big plans for these brights from Briggs & Little!


We're giving away a West Coast Cardigan's worth of Country Roving from Briggs & Little over on Instagram along with the pattern, head over for your chance to win:

Monday, February 6, 2017

Pocket Knitting - Part 3 / WCCKAL

In my last pocket knitting post I picked up the 4 overlap stitches for each pocket flap and resumed working the body stitches to complete Chart C – Body Stitches, this is what my sweater looked like (you can see that the body has caught up to the pocket flaps):

#WCCKAL project by

 Reattach Pocket Flaps to Body

This next row is a right side row and we begin by placing the left pocket flap stitches onto a spare needle and working from Chart D, knit across to the last 4 pocket flap stitches:

#WCCKAL project by

Because there are 4 overlapped stitches at the opening of each pocket flap, we will need to knit these stitches together with 4 stitches of the body (steps 1–4 below):

#WCCKAL project by

#WCCKAL project by

#WCCKAL project by

#WCCKAL project by

#WCCKAL project by

Now all that is left to do is finish up the body charts and knit the ribbed hem!! This is the home stretch for the body!

. . . . .

TIP: I've found it really helpful (especially with the custom charts) to have markers around the center body stitch – it's extra assurance that I don't go to far when I'm knitting on autopilot.

#WCCKAL project by

Are you knitting along in the #WCCAL? Do you have any useful tips or tricks for this project? 

...if you'd like to join in, it's not too late, jump in the group HERE

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pocket Knitting - Part 2 / WCCKAL

Amelia hat by
{ amelia hat and baby socks }

I had to skip town rather suddenly last week – my sister had a baby, so I caught the first flight out to see her. I packed my West Coast Cardigan with me and all of my extra yarn cakes in case I was on a roll. The project took up half my suitcase. It only dawned on me the first time I pulled it out, that I'd made it to the next phase of pocket knitting and needed to photograph the steps for this post! Sigh. Not a single stitch was knit on this while I was away.

Pocket Knitting - Part 2 / WCCKAL

In my last pocket knitting post I walked you through knitting the left and right pocket flaps. From the wrong side this is what my sweater looked like:

CHART B / Left and Right Pocket

#WCCKAL project by

After the pocket flaps are knit, we can revisit the body stitches that we left behind. The next row is a right side row. Below I've folded the pocket flaps back so that the wrong side of the flap is exposed where I will need to pick up the 4 overlapped stitches on each pocket flap.

#WCCKAL project by

BODY / Body Stitches — although it doesn't look like it in the photo, the 4 stitches are picked up in a straight line (all from the same row) along the back side of the pocket flap (below).

#WCCKAL project by

Once the 4 stitches are picked up along the left pocket flap, you'll work across the first row of Chart C – Body Stitches, and finish by picking up 4 stitches on the right pocket flap (below).

#WCCKAL project by

We'll continue by completing all of Chart C – Body Stitches, then we can reattach the pocket flaps to the body!

Knitalongers, how are your projects coming along? If you aren't participating in the KAL — what  are you knitting on? 

If you'd like to check out everyone's progress, visit the knitalong hashtag #WCCKAL!

Monday, January 30, 2017

TRUNK SHOW & SIGNING / Washington Dates


The following event has unfortunately been cancelled due to illness. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will keep you posted for further information.

We're hitting the road again — this time to Washington state! I'm really excited to revisit a few of our favourite shops with our new book and trunk show. If you'd like to see the samples from Within in person or get your book signed, we will be visiting: 

February 11th 

February 12th

You can find full event details on our events page

If you're in and around either of these wonderful shops, come and say hello! We'd love to see you! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pocket Knitting - Part 1 / WCCKAL

DAY 14 / West Coast Cardigan KAL
I've been working away on my West Coast Cardigan for the knitalong and have made it to the pocket flaps. I've snapped a few photos for those who have reached this step too and are finding it hard to visualize.

. . .

PART 2 / BODY of the pattern begins after completing the yoke portion of the charts and takes you through the entire body of the cardigan. The first section, Chart A - Underarm to Pockets begins after the sleeves are separated from the body and includes the rows from the underarm to the top of the pocket opening. Pictured below is the cardigan completed up to Chart A (as seen from the back) and ready to begin Chart B.

Chart B - Left Pocket Flap works back and forth on the left pocket flap stitches only as seen in the image below.

Chart B - Right Pocket Flap works back and forth on the right pocket flap stitches only, see below.

Next we'll revisit the body stitches and move on to  Chart C - Body Stitches.

Are you knitting along? How is your West Coast Cardigan coming along? I'd love to see your projects, tag them #WCCKAL on Instagram and social media to be a part of the group. 

Are you in Vancouver? I'd love to see you and your WCC at Wet Coast Wools this Saturday 12-5!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Yoke Knitting + Vancouver Visit

West Coast Cardigan by

I was really hoping to cast-on my WCCKAL project on our official cast-on date (Jan 10) but discovered a few more sweater sections that needed to be swatched out first. One being the thunderbird placement on the front. I really wanted to use the same motif on the front and back. Unfortunately this meant that the motif would be split in half by the cardigan opening and I wanted to make sure it looked alright before knitting half the sweater. After the swatches were knit and wet blocked I added the crochet border and joined the two fronts with a zipper. I didn't like how abrupt the border looked running through the eagle so I've chosen to omit it and try my best to create clean edges so that the cardigan fronts look relatively seamless when zipped.

West Coast Cardigan by

Once my charts were finalized I decided it would be easiest to work from them in sections so I chopped up each page (separating yoke from body) and taped the yoke sections together. I then photocopied the pieces to make one page. I've reserved the body sections for later.

West Coast Cardigan by

I've been working rather slowly, carefully trying to keep my floats neat while getting used to working with 3 colours. Another last minute decision I made was to remove the thunderbird at the center sleeves. I've kept the banding at the top and bottom and will use my MC (Medium Brown – which looks more grey to me) for the rest of the sleeve. I'm hoping this will allow the center motifs on the body to really shine.

West Coast Cardigan by

What I didn't anticipate was having to break my yarn. Well unless I wanted to carry both CCs across the sleeves of the yoke,  but that created unnecessary bulk, and I knew it would bother me. So back I went, ripping out a few rows and doing a few quick calculations to guesstimate how much yarn might be needed for each section before the body is united and the sleeves are put on hold.

Visit to Wet Coast Wools
I will be hitting the road for a visit with the lovely ladies of Wet Coast Wools in Vancouver, BC. Glenda and Bernadette have invited me and my West Coast Cardigan sample for a visit, Saturday January 28th (12 - 5pm). I'll also have my current WIP for the WCCKAL! Come by and say hi, bring your WCC (or whatever else you're working on), I'd love to see you!

Are you knitting along? If so, have you chosen to use the original pattern or create your own colourwork using the blank charts? 

. . .

Would you like to join in? We're chatting about the knitalong in my Ravelry group here. You can also follow the KAL by searching the hashtag #WCCKAL

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cast-On / West Coast Cardigan KAL

Today is the official cast-on for the West Coast Cardigan KAL! I've been itching to start and have kept my fingers busy by sketching and swatching my ideas.

After a bit of back and forth (there are so many directions you could take with these blank charts!) I've settled on traditional colours and motifs. I've had this particular bird in mind since before the conception of the West Coast Cardigan! Something tells me it's his time.

I had originally pulled a repetitive motif (above) from the WCC for the top and bottom colourwork bands but decided that it was too geometric and didn't complement the eagle. I'm much happier with my second swatch (below), I think the two go well together.

Would you like to knit along with us?
You can find all of the KAL info in my original blog post or hop on over to our Ravelry Group to join in the conversation! Browse projects in the knitalong using #WCCKAL.

Ready. Set. Cast-On!!!

...and don't forget that today is the last day to get the pattern 25% OFF using code WCCKAL.